The Foundry Celebrating Kent Green Hop Season 2023

As autumn arrived in Kent, the Kent Green Hop Season comes into focus for beer enthusiasts and locals alike. It’s the time of year when the hop fields flourish and Kent green hops are ready for harvest. Kent’s Green Hop Season is not just a celebration of the harvest; it’s a tribute to the rich history and tradition of brewing that has thrived in this corner of the world for centuries. Among the participants in this celebration is of course The Foundry Brew Pub, a prominent figure in the local beer scene, and we play a fantastic role in honouring this age-old tradition.

Kent is renowned for its hop production, and the Kent Green Hop Season is a unique and cherished part of the local culture. Unlike dried hops, green hops are used fresh, right off the bines, giving beers a distinct character and freshness that can’t be replicated with their dried counterparts. This seasonal event allows brewers to use these freshly harvested hops to create one-of-a-kind brews, and over the last decade has gained popularity not just among local breweries as well as our own.

Kenti Green Hops
Kent Green Hops at The Foundry Brew Pub

The Foundry Brew Pub’s seasonal offerings during Kent Green Hop Season are so special to us as and are eagerly awaited by the beer lovers who come into the brewpub.

Both Bishop’s Blessing and Seriously Saison are produced for the event.

Starting with Seriously Saison a 4.5% beer using East Kent Goldings straight from the farm we served this as part of our flights, in pints and of course at the Beer Festival as part of the Canterbury’s Cooking event.

Followed of course, by our wonderfully unique Bishop’s Blessing – which was brewed with help of the capable hands of delegates from Canterbury Christchurch University Sustainability Department as well as the priest from the CCCU Chaplaincy. Utilising hops grown on the university grounds within the Canterbury City walls – the heritage hops are Early Prolific and Canterbury Whitebine.

Bishop's Blessing on Tap
Bishops’s Blessing on tap

The exclusivity of these brews adds to their appeal, making them highly sought after by both locals and visitors.

Together with many other brewers in Kent, the Kent Green Hop Season is being celebrated from 22 Sept to 31st October, with events taking place across the county. The Foundry was delighted to be included in the Beer Festival and tent at the Canterbury’s Cooking Food and Drink Festival with Zoom Events at the Dane John Gardens in Canterbury. The sun was shining for the whole weekend. Beer, food and cookery fans alike were treated to a huge array of locally produced, sourced and created products, including of course the amazing selection of Kent Green Hop Beers – which were a sell out by the end of the weekend.

Jon and Jodie in the Beer Tent
Jon and Jodie in the Beer Tent

Together with Quest Apps – beer fans could download the Kent Green Hop Season app and take part in a quest to find and try the Kent Green Hop beers – not just at the festival – but throughout the season – it has been a wonderful addition to the event loved by beer connoisseurs of Kent and beyond!

In addition to the beer tent at the festival – some breweries have had dedicated green hop events in their own bars, and tap rooms, with a wonderful array of beers on show as well as musical accompaniment and food trucks serving food from all across the world!

Once again this year – it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be a part of such a wonderful collective of passionate brewers and share our love and hard work with those who appreciate it as much as we do!

Congratulations go to Kent Brewery, Gadds’, Ramsgate Brewery, Goody Ales, Musket Brewery, and Canterbury Ales who won awards at the festival.

Head over to the Kent Green Hops Season Instagram and Facebook pages for all the up to date news including the final events and details for next year! We can’t wait to see you…