Canterbury Cathedral Herb Garden Gin 50cl


A wonderful collaboration with Canterbury Cathedral-Batch 3

A stunning gin made with herbs grown in the medieval herb garden of Canterbury Cathedral. Limited release, bottles all numbered and signed.

There have been gardens at Canterbury Cathedral for over a thousand years, and medieval monks grew their own food & even brewed their own beer there, but their herbarium was a special place used to cultivate aromatic plants.


We took inspiration for our handcrafted and unfiltered gin from the cathedrals’ gardens, distilling it with fennel, lemon balm and 7 other blissfully tasty herbs.


It’s refreshing, citrussy and full of the flavours of a sunny herb garden, bursting with aromatic juniper and brewed with the finest English barley. All bottles are numbered and signed by distiller Jon.



As a teen I once walked miles through Welsh mountain snow drifts with my Dad for a bottle of London Dry Gin. Jon Mills

Jon Mills