Sustainable Brewing at The Foundry

Moving forward with sustainable brewing at The Foundry. Together with myself and the team at Canterbury Brewers & Distillers at The Foundry we are in the middle of a great sustainable journey!

Our Sustainable Brewing Process

We are based in the heart of Canterbury, and our brew pub and restaurant continues to have great success with our carefully-crafted beer and spirits on-site, and alongside our flavourful collection of drinks, our very own circular economy has also been a big success.

Sustainable Brewing at The Foundry

We have designed and created our very own sustainable brewing system that captures the heat from distillation process to heat the restaurant and bar, which also provides hot water to facilitate the brewing process. Striving for this level of sustainability has saved us a considerable amount on our energy bills and creates a warmer setting for customers in the winter season, whilst making it cooler in the summer, thanks to the increased insulation.

We are just one of our many Impact Heroes currently in Kent that are working to incorporate sustainability into their business journey and by doing so, have seen significant benefits to their businesses. And sustainable brewing at The Foundry is here to stay – we are constantly looking forward to innovate and incorporate new brewing initiatives not only into our own processes but to work with other Kent businesses also.

Please do continue to follow our blogs, and social media presence to keep up to date with the sustainable brewing at The Foundry – and we look forward to welcoming you in the very near future.

With very best wishes – Jon and the team at The Foundry