Summer visits from across the pond!

Music at All Saints’, Beverly Hills

We were delighted to hear of a summer visit from the choir at All Saints in Beverly Hills, California. They took part in a week long residency at Canterbury Cathedral, taking part in various services and events. This was part of a UK wide tour when they visited a number of other cathedrals to sing and worship.

Debbie and Chris Winchell emailed us earlier in the week:

On 20th August, our choir from Beverly Hills, California completed a week of singing in residence at Canterbury Cathedral. We were given a gift of 2 50ml bottles of Artisan Gin and Vodka and, since returning home on 25th August, tonight we have finally been able to enjoy our gin and vodka tonics.

They are both extraordinary – the gin is a unique blend of perfume and botanicals and the vodka is as smooth as silk.

Congratulations on extraordinary products – it’s taken us back to Canterbury 2 weeks later! Attached is a picture of tonight’s celebration!”

Debbie and Chris

In addition we had a summer visit from a guest from Maryland USA!

“It was a distinct pleasure to visit your Brew/Distillery Pub and meet you with our Rick Steves tour members last week when we were in Canterbury. My wife and I are home now and I am happy to say that the bottle of Streetlight Whiskey that I purchased arrived safely inside my suitcase. In fact, I am enjoying a sip right now! Congratulations on your successes as a brewmaster, distiller and businessman. Best wishes on your future endeavors.”

Bryan T. Butman,
Frederick, MD USA

We are delighted to have received these special visitors as well and the fantastic emails that followed. To hear our products are being enjoyed around the world is truly wonderful.

With my best wishes