Sustainable luxury mushroom growing at The Foundry Brew Pub

In our quiet corner off Canterbury High Street, at The Foundry Brew Pub is emerging as a pioneer in sustainable brewing practices, extending their commitment to the environment beyond exceptional beers. Harnessing the by-products of our Streetlight whiskey production, specifically spent grain, waste carbon dioxide, and water; Jon’s innovative mind, with the support of Growing Kent and Medway, has been on overdrive we have embarked on an exciting venture – sustainable luxury mushroom growing at The Foundry Brew Pub.

Jon keeping a watchful eye!

Spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, is traditionally used as animal feed or discarded. And whilst we still do provide feed to local farms, we at The Foundry have developed an ingenious way to repurpose this nutrient-rich material. By combining spent grain with mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, they create a substrate that serves as an ideal medium for growing gourmet mushrooms. 

Whisky production releases significant amounts of CO2, contributing to environmental concerns. The Foundry steps in by capturing and redirecting this carbon dioxide to create an optimal environment for mushroom cultivation reducing not only reduces the environmental impact of our Streetlight whiskey production.

Water, is another element reclaimed from whisky production. The Foundry Brew Pub uses water from the whisky-making process, integrating it into their mushroom cultivation system. This sustainable water source ensures that the luxury mushrooms are grown efficiently without additional resources from the pub.

The result is a fascinating synergy between sustainable luxury mushroom growing at The Foundry Brew Pub and the brewing and mushroom cultivation processes, exemplifying The Foundry’s dedication to sustainability. Visitors to the pub and restaurant will soon be able to witness this innovative endeavour first hand, marvelling at the transformation of once-discarded by products into a luxurious culinary experience. The mushrooms will appear periodically on our specials board – in some of our head chef Henry’s designed meals.

A selection of Black Pearl and Blue Oyster mushrooms

As the global community increasingly seeks sustainable alternatives, The Foundry Brew Pub are delighted to stand as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how breweries can play a pivotal role in creating a more environmentally conscious future. By turning waste into a valuable resource, The Foundry exemplifies how the fusion of brewing and agriculture can be a model for sustainability in the food and beverage industry.

Watch this space for more information and updates!

Jon and Jodie